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What's happening in 2020
We meet on Friday nights at
New Wellwynd Parish Church, Wellwynd, Airdrie ML6 0AG.
7:30 - 9.30pm 

January 2020

Friday 10th - Brian Eggo -  “Moon Landing Hoaxers' Greatest Hits - Debunked”

Just over fifty years ago we landed on the moon ... or did we???
Yes, we did. We really did. Honest.
Unfortunately we live in a time where a disturbingly large proportion of the population happily spread misinformation, distrust (real) experts, and fuel the flames of conspiracy despite overwhelming evidence.
If you delve into the unpleasant world of moon hoaxer websites and discussion forums you'll see that the same set of claims crop up time after time. So, we're going to take an express tour through their 'top' items, and knock them over with your help!

Brian Eggo is most definitely NOT a rocket scientist, although he does have a degree in Engineering. More importantly though, he is the primary mouthpiece of Glasgow Skeptics, a grassroots organisation committed to promoting Science and Critical Thinking. As such, he spends more time than most interacting with conspiracy theorists, quacks, and charlatans

Friday 17th - Dr. Alastair Tait - "Search for Life on Mars"

Dr Alastair Tait is a Commonwealth Rutherford Fellow currently at the University of Stirling. An astrobiologist, planetary geologist, and environmental geochemist, whose primary research focus is how meteorites have interacted with the surface chemistries of planets, and potentially life. He has conducted fieldwork and meteorite recovery expeditions in remote regions of Australia. He is a former NASA – Lunar Planetary Institute intern, and science team collaborator with the Athena instrument team for the NASA Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Opportunity, during the twilight months of the mission.
We are very lucky to have Dr, Tait with us tonight as he has given public lectures and podcasts on Mars, as well as appearing on national TV, news and radio programs across Australia.

Friday 24th - Roy Bryce - "Planet of the Month - Earth"

Roy has given talks before showing how Mars and Venus have rock formations very like those on Earth and boldly stated that these features prove that flowing water once existed on those planets.

This talk is about how we have come to the conclusion that rock formations like this require the presence of water and other processes to be created. He will do this by giving a history of Geology and the many Scottish geologists who played a huge part in our current understanding of how Earth came to be the way it is. Pretty landscape pictures will be included!

Friday 31st - Isabel Morrison - "Have We Found Galaxy X?"

Are astronomers closer to pin pointing the mysterious object packed with dark matter?
Join us tonight as AAA Chairperson, Isabel Morrison, will be giving us another fantastic presentation.

In 2009, astronomers predicted an unseen dark-matter-dominated dwarf galaxy orbiting our Milky Way – nicknamed Galaxy X. But have they finally found it? Join us to find out!

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Our weekly Friday night meetings are a great opportunity to meet like minded people with an interest in astronomy and spaceflight. Enjoy the weekly space news and a range of guest speakers who are experts in their subjects. We also offer the opportunity for members to give presentations on subjects that interest them. You don't need to be a member to come along.

New members are always very welcome so come along, join in and meet like minded people.

We meet at New Wellwynd Parish Church, Wellwynd, Airdrie ML6 0AG.

7:30 - 8:00pm - Space News 
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Becoming a member is easy, simply pick up a membership form at any of our weekly meetings.

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